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My Mission is to improve the lives of patients I serve by providing optimal treatment for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

In pursuit of this mission, I hold the following statements as core values:

  • It is my belief that life is a precious gift of God and that we were all created equal in his image.
  • I strive to render equal treatment, with respect and compassion, regardless of social or economic status, sex, race, or religion.
  • I believe that the welfare of my patients is the central focus of ALL of my decisions.
  • I will uphold the dignity of my profession and maintain honesty and integrity with patients and colleagues.
  • To fullfill my mission, I will continually strive to improve my medical knowledge and foster scientific research.
  • I will promote the concepts that facilitate unity and harmony in my health care team to provide optimal patient care.cross-dr-allen-f-anderson-nashville-orthopaedic-surgery-sports-medicine
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